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About Us

SMTP Viewer can scan your emails to find notifications about systems being down or backups which failed and then alert you instantly
How we started

SMTPViewer was born out of pure frustration experienced by myself, an IT Manager with 20 years' experience. I was frustrated since I had no tool that could tell me what the current state of my IT Infrastructure was without either logging into some WebGui, looking at logs or trailing through a hundred e-mails each morning.

I tested probably 100 reporting tools of which most required elaborate configuration, was full of complicated graphs and came with an instruction manual as thick as the Oxford dictionary. I required something simple, easy to setup and platform independent which could give me the magical OQV (ONE QUICK VIEW).

I decided to partner up with REDI Internet services who with their extensive development and hosting experience brought SMTPViewer to life.

We will continue to develop this product with a host of additional features coming in the future.

SMTPViewer is simple, easy to setup and platform indepent and free for up to 5 reporting devices
More Information

Currently the service is free for up to 5 reporting devices and we rely on advertisement for further development.
Some of the new features include the ability to add rules for attachments and a mobile app with alerts.


SQL server A sends a daily backup report e-mail to The e-mail body contains either the words "Succeeded" or "Failed".

The user would like to receive an alarm in the ONE QUICK VIEW screen when the backups fails.

If SMTPViewer matches the pre-configured rule which states if an e-mail is received containing "Failed", SMTPViewer will set the status to Alarm. The IT Manager or network operator can then respond to to the alarm as needed.

How do you know SMTPViewer is active?

For each rule configured the option is available to raise an alarm when no communication from the monitored device has been received for a specified time period.

For example if your SQL Server A has lost the ability to send e-mails SMTPViewer will keep track of the last e-mail received and will raise an alarm if the time out period specified is reached.